Brandon Shimoda — BLIND CHILDREN

Brandon Shimoda


When Armando was eleven months old, he went for a 
drive with his father

It’s the first thing Armando remembers:

Going for a drive with his father (being in the car with his father)

Facing backwards in his car seat

That is when his eyes opened

They were going to visit Grandma. Grandma lived 
somewhere (all around)

The second thing Armando remembers

Is his father resting his head against the window

He remembers his father resting

His head slowly

Against the window, then his father’s head

Against the window, as if his father was falling

Asleep. Maybe that is what Armando thought (that his father had fallen asleep)

The car wasn’t moving (all around was not moving)

Armando’s eyes were open. It was the last time he 
could see

It was the last thing he saw

His father looking

Like he was

Falling asleep against the window

Armando was trapped

In his car seat for two days. His father, not moving, asleep

Did not wake up, no sound

Came out, he dissolved. Armando could not see the road

The sky, small brown stuffs

Sitting on top of tall greens

The sun was in the car. Armando’s skin was burning

The sun was not in the car. His skin was cool. His eyes were open

The whole time (burning, then cool)

When Armando closed his eyes, his eyes were open

He cried. He cried for two days

He did not fall asleep (Maybe he fell asleep)

Even after his uncle’s voice was loud, and the loudness

Beat against the window (the window rattled) Armando could not see the window

Bend. He could not see the glass

On his father’s shoulder

He cried for two days. The two days did not end

Every reversing shadow

Became, still is becoming

A shadow reversing, still coming to

Shatter the window